Top Line Business Continuity Plan 2021 for a Tier 2 Event


Melbourne Documentary Film Festival is saying that in-person gatherings can take place within the country’s COVID-19 protocols for health care and safety. So as to comply with the mandatory measures required to guarantee that participants may attend safely—first and foremost by social distancing.


If patrons feel that they are unwell and are exhibiting signs of illness (such as fever, cough, or congestion) they are advised not to attend the festival. We would ask that they make an appointment at local Fitzroy health clinics like St Vincent's Hospital on Victoria Parade 41 Victoria Parade. Fitzroy VIC 3065. T: 03 9231 2211


Hand sanitizer will be available in cinemas at work stations at the bar. Its usage will be highly recommended especially when eating and drinking. Fresh air is circulated through the cinema. If festival goers feel they are developing symptoms we encourage them to contact The Department of Health and Human Services on 1800 675 398