Documentary Month 1st - 31st July 2023




Capturing the passion of Sarawak's driven conservation community, understorey explores the adversity and hope in this field. The short documentary encapsulates the constant uphill battle to preserve the magnificent rainforests of Malaysia and its array of creatures, big and small, which inhabit them.

Renowned for its rainforests, Sarawak's lush environment is home to a unique community of wildlife nestled in the jungle's treetops. Hidden behind the biodiverse beauty of the nature sanctuaries, there's a passionate team of individuals, organisations, and the state government, dedicated to nurturing, safeguarding, and conserving the canopies.

Five unique perspectives on the conservation fight emerge from different areas of conservation. From the crux of Sarawak’s conservation comes our keystone character, Bob, the senior guide of Sarawak Forestry Corporation (SFC). Bob embodies the local community members of the rainforest - whose connection is ingrained in their way of life. In conjunction with other guide’s stories of adversity and expert voices from WWF and WCS - Bob’s solution’s illuminated; the way to rekindle our lost connection by fostering love of nature from youth and planting seeds of sustainable practices from an early age.

Whilst conservation is a broad concept, the consistent message is simple. Society must band together to preserve the land we live on and the creatures we share it with, the call for action extends beyond the organisations working to introduce sustainable change.
Understory centralises on the stories of those working at the heart of conservation efforts, whom all share a deep bond with the natural environment, have shouldered the emotional burden, and, yet continue to prevail, knowing there is hope.

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