Documentary Month 1st - 31st July 2023

The Promise

The Promise

Australian Documentary

In “The Promise” we dive into the personal and inspiring journey of Craig Hamilton as he shares his experiences with overcoming suicidal challenges. The film features an array of notable individuals, including TV personality Jessica Rowe, suicide survivor Joe Williams, NRL coach Wayne Bennett, boxer Tim Tszyu, mental health advocate Bailey Seamer, distinguished researcher Professor Frances Kay Lambkin, psychiatric nurse Justin Bergholcs, Dr. Alan Weiss and NRL legend Paul Harragon.

Opening scene, Craig courageously recounts a moment of grappling with suicidal thoughts and the emotional confrontation with his wife, Louise. This moment sets the tone for the film’s exploration of the complexities of mental health struggles and suicidal battles.

Moving forward, the documentary transports viewers to a pivotal juncture in Craig’s life, his mental breakdown at a train station on the precipice of the Sydney Olympics. This harrowing experience leads him to a three-week stay at James Fletcher Psychiatric Hospital, shaping the trajectory of his journey. The introduction of the esteemed cast follows, each lending their perspectives and insights.

Craig revisits a church where he recounts a distinct moment, a breakdown in his life. While Craig is at the church he receives a call from Justin who shares that there has just been another suicide in Newcastle. As this unfolds in real-time the theme of suicide takes center stage.

We then follow Craig on a journey through central QLD, where he speaks about suicide prevention. Showing along the way real conversations with people who share their own stories of suicidal battles, creating a tapestry of shared experiences. Then introducing one of Craig’s therapeutic outlets, boxing. Insights from Wayne Bennett and Tim Tszyu add depth to the importance of physical activity. We then meet Bailey Seamer, sharing her remarkable journey of personal battles as she walks across Australia, shows us resilience.

Jessica Rowe’s story of triumph over postnatal depression offers hope. Craig’s personal reflection on his family, his mother’s late-in-life revelation of her own bipolar disorder.

As Craig reflects on love and life, he confronts the past darkness he once faced. This is the turning point, leading to an exploration of the complex emotions triggered by the word ““suicide.”” Craig, Bailey, and Joe share their deeply personal stories of overcoming suicidal thoughts, revealing their resilience and strength.

Joe Williams, a survivor of suicide, steps into the spotlight, recounting his journey. Presenting shocking statistics about its prevalence in Australia and giving voice to the experiences of those who’ve navigated the shadows of despair. The narratives of individuals who’ve lost loved ones to suicide Blas, Tony, Vicki, and Glen offer heartfelt real stories, underscoring the urgency of open conversations and destigmatization.

As the documentary draws to a close, the power of stories and conversations takes center stage. Craig imparts practical guidance on initiating conversations about suicide and supporting those in need. The film’s core message, ““The promise”” emerges as a beacon of hope, encouraging viewers to pledge to share their struggles with loved ones during challenging times.

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