Documentary Month 1st - 31st July 2023

The Farm

The Farm


Unable to achieve her dream amid the city’s rat race, Mildred
Coursey led her loved ones East. Aided by communication with
‘The Upstairs’, the eventual creation of a community founded on
spirit, love, and connection began. Kahunui Village was the
answer for the founding group of Aucklanders, and many
troubled, young New Zealanders. Youths addicted to drugs and
alcohol, struggling with eating disorders, and those that were
simply lost, would make the choice to make a change. It became,
as it always was, the only way out.

The experience of Kahunui was a lived one, and it continues to
breathe within the souls of Sandra Faye, Barry J. Bublitz, and
Jamie Sullivan. A Co-Founder, a former resident turned Trust
Director and a long-term local whose childhood intertwined with
those at The Farm.

The Farm is a short documentary that recollects the Kahunui
Village Trust’s strengths and weaknesses. Explored by a new
generation, Mildred’s great-granddaughter, the purpose of The
Farm is to encourage new dreams pertaining to mental health
treatments, resources, and awareness.

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