Documentary Month 1st - 31st July 2023

Planet Wind - The Global Story of Offshore Wind

Planet Wind - The Global Story of Offshore Wind

Australian Documentary
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Join Andy Evans, Australian renewable energy pioneer, as he follows the story of Offshore Wind across the globe, exploring our relationship to this immense planetary force.

Filmed in thirteen countries and featuring over twenty offshore wind experts, "Planet Wind" delves into humanity's relationship with the wind throughout history and cultures. This global journey reveals the real story behind the development of offshore wind as an energy source, how this ever-present planetary force is being harnessed, and its transformative potential for our future. Beyond just power, it offers the world and its nations a path to energy independence, revitalises regions hit hard by industrial decline, and presents a crucial solution to reduce harmful emissions.’Offshore Wind Energy is not presented as mastery over nature, but as a step towards a deeper connection with it. "Planet Wind" offers a visionary perspective on a sustainable and regenerative world.

Features interviews in USA, Taiwan, Japan, Norway, England, Scotland, Jersey, Denmark, Australia.

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