Documentary Month 1st - 31st July 2023

Hunter Gatherers
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Hunter Gatherers

Innovation / VR

Immerse into the life of one of the last tribes on Earth that still live today the way humans lived for 99% of their evolution, in the first Croatian VR film, Hunter-Gatherers.

After researching key locations, communities and hunter-gatherer stories around the world, Davor Rostuhar spent three weeks in Tanzania in March 2023 with members of the Hadza tribe, whom he returned to ten years after their first encounter. Following their daily life – hunting with bows and arrows, collecting honey from the top of baobab tree, gathering tubers, telling myths and stories around the fire in the bush camp - and echoing their beautiful and ancient click language, this documentary gives us the opportunity to better understand the social and ecological aspects of hunter-gatherer life. It is a testimony of a completely sustainable immersion of humans into nature, and completely functional life within egalitarian society, that was inherent in our species for most of our history but has been lost ever since we abandoned this lifestyle. Luckily a few hunter-gatherer groups still roam our planet, as the last of the first people, and they offer us a glimpse into our sustainable nature.

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