Documentary Month 1st - 31st July 2023

 How to Dress Like Me

How to Dress Like Me


When customers leave 218 Gertrude Street, they’re not always the person they were when they walked in. Since 1979, Rose Chong Costumiers have been dealing in elaborate and vibrant maximalist attire for hire. In 40 years, it has established itself as an iconic and legendary Melbourne staple amongst the Inner-North’s queer scene. Rose and her staff oversee the transformation of their patrons for a vast array of events, and in doing so transform more than just their clients’ outfits. The community of Rose Chong Costumiers hold ideas of the body as a celebration, queer identity, and play, all over the course of the store’s opening hours. How to Dress Like Me is a 5-minute documentary that contends with the intersections of play, queerness, and clothes.

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