Documentary Month 1st - 31st July 2023

Darkness Shall Not Stand

Darkness Shall Not Stand


This narrative chronicles Chimini’s poignant journey from her rural upbringing in Nepal, marked by the untimely loss of her loving parents, to her harrowing experiences in Kathmandu. Forced to endure exploitation and abuse at the hands of her extended family, she seeks opportunity in the city, only to find herself trapped in a cycle of labour exploitation. Seeking freedom, a colleague promises her a job if she followed her to India. Betrayed, Chimini is ultimately ensnared in a brothel experiencing the worst of humankind.
Amidst despair and abuse, Chimini finds solace in the compassionate support of an individual who supports her in the fight for freedom. Interspersed with her personal account are insightful interviews and narratives from New Light Nepal personnel and community members. These voices provide vital context, elucidating the social and cultural forces driving the prevalence of trafficking in Nepal.
Through their firsthand experiences and unwavering commitment, they shed light on the grim realities of trafficking, offering sustainable solutions ground in education and empowerment. Their collective perspective underscores the transformative power of love and advocacy in combating the darkness of trafficking and uplifting the vulnerable in Nepali society.

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