Documentary Month 1st - 31st July 2021

Cosmic Atomic
Online Screening

Cosmic Atomic

Innovation / VR


An immersive trip across time and space.

Cosmic•Atomic synchronizes the short film Powers of Ten with its ancestors/descendants, placing the viewer within a 360 degree kaleidoscopic ring of mirrored ascent/descent. The journey begins in the Netherlands with Kees Boeke's Cosmic View: The Universe in 40 Jumps, a 1957 book exploring outer space and our inner selves through orders of magnitude. It then takes us, in turn, to Miami for Charles and Ray Eames' 1968 "rough sketch" film adaption of Boeke's book, to Montreal in that same year for the National Film Board's Cosmic Zoom version, to Chicago in 1977 for Powers of Ten, the Eames team's final draft commissioned by IBM, to Venice in 1996 for the IMAX remake Cosmic Voyage, and finally to the Googleplex for the 2012 Cosmic Eye smartphone app. It's been said that Charles Eames hoped Powers of Ten would give ten-year-olds a “gut feeling” of the dimensions of scale by taking them on an interstellar zoom of ever-increasing speed and expanding perspective before plummeting them all the way back down to a single proton. Cosmic•Atomic compresses the sixty years of scientific imagination that preceded/followed Eames’ vision and invites you to feel them all at once.

NOTE: Cosmic•Atomic is best experienced on a headset while sitting on a swivel chair, but, if viewed on a computer, arrow keys can also provide smooth rotation. This version is in 5.7K, but I can also provide 4K or 8K versions. To check for compatibility, use the trailer links below:

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