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Chasing the Sun
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Chasing the Sun

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A feature documentary about the extraordinary achievements of ordinary cyclists taking on iconic endurance event Chase The Sun and alongside this a celebration of the power of the humble bicycle to transform lives and help save the planet.

"The bicycle is a stunning technological achievement but in our stupidity we've forgotten about how effective it is." Ned Boulting, author, broadcaster, ITV's voice of Le Tour de France.

About the film.
In 1973 a man in a little known American University set out to discover the most energy efficient creature on earth. The experiment has since entered into legend and is now more relevant to our world than ever before: a human being on a bicycle is the most efficient being on the planet.*

The bicycle can enable ordinary people to do extraordinary things, like Chase The Sun- an event where people ride coast to coast, 200 miles or more in a single day, fuelled only by sandwiches,
energy bars, cups of tea and good cheer.
And it has the potential to do something much more extraordinary. At a time of energy crisis, of climate catastrophe caused by energy misuse, the bicycle can take a front line position in the fight
against climate change. One pedal stroke at a time.

This film follows Chase The Sun riders as they cross England, coast to coast, sunrise to sunset. As we cross the country, we reveal stories beyond the ride itself. How the bicycle is pushing
up green shoots across the land, tackling climate change and bringing other benefits through congestion and pollution reduction, mental and physical wellbeing and community joy. Like the ride, these stories will be rooted in a range of landscapes and feature the diverse communities that are Britain today.

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