Documentary Month 1st - 31st July 2021

Australia My Home:

Australia My Home:

Australian Documentary
Selling Fast

*In-Cinema Screening* *Australian Premiere*

The instability and horrors that accompanied the 20th Century were a major cause of human exodus, and Australia became the preferred destination for many of those who wanted to start anew.

This film depicts the stories of three generations of Albanian migrants to Australia, their sacrifices and contribution towards their adopted country, as well as the strength of our cultural identity in the face of longing and separation. Their tales illustrate the experiences of all those who abandoned their families and fatherland in order to build a new home in a remote corner of the Earth, and they are not necessarily unique to Albanians.

Their accounts juxtapose with the endless spaces, unique nature, and prehistoric creatures that roamed this fascinating land for millenia, a land that to this day has the propensity to confront and mesmerize.

Filmed in the course of one year in two continents , this documentary depicts how our protagonists became a bridge between two vastly different cultures , and for at least one of them presented the first opportunity to connect with long lost relatives after nearly a century.

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