Documentary Month 1st - 31st July 2021

Art Lovers Unite

Art Lovers Unite

International Stories
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*In-Cinema Screening* *World Premiere*
Follow activist/fashion designer VIVIENNE WESTWOOD and artist DACOB as they embark on a journey through art and its history.
VIVIENNE WESTWOOD and DACOB drift through the hallways of the Gemaeldegalerie in Berlin, Germany, while they unlock the history and secrets behind masterpieces painted by  RAPHAEL, CARAVAGGIO, REMBRANDT, VELAZQUEZ, TITIAN and many more.
Topics at the core of “ART LOVERS UNITE!” include: 
  • How art inspires VIVIENNE WESTWOOD as a fashion designer. 
  • Why art is important and how it can help you grow. 
  • How to join the movement of becoming a “Freedom-Fighter” through art. 
  • Can art and fashion coexist? 
  • VIVIENNE WESTWOOD’s trip to India with Naomi Campbell & deadly injustices perpetrated upon the population in Indian villages. 
  • How art was perceived centuries ago and how it is perceived today. 
  • Unlocking secret codes and symbols in paintings. 
  • Art depicting death. Is there life after death? 
  • The surprising reveal of VIVIENNE WESTWOOD’s favorite painting. 
Directed by Patrick J. Thomas & Dacob
Starring Vivienne Westwood & Dacob
Camera Cody Swanson
Music Composed by Mauro Lanza
Music Performed by Andrea Corazziari
Art Direction Betti Iannucci
Associate Producer Nina Zavrieva

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