Documentary Month 1st - 31st July 2021

A New Dawn
Online Screening

A New Dawn

Innovation / VR


The Cinematic Virtual Reality experience is an exploration of a former German industrial coal and steel production site, which transformed into a public park in 1994. The last shift was worked on the 4 April 1985 and the former ‘Wirtschaftswunder’ turned into an industrial wasteland. The ironworks are not only a symbol of ‘Wertewandel’, the change of values, but also symbolises our addiction to artificial energy and its transformation into wealth. As a side product of the last century’s heavy industry, we are now faced with a climate crisis.

A New Dawn is a memoryscape, which takes a critical approach and uses the Aurora Borealis as an audio-visual representation of life out of balance. Imagine the magnetic fields have shifted through climate change and the collision of electronically charged particles would happen in our proximity. The Aurora’s symbolise a geomagnetic storm caused by nature’s exclamation of the ecological crises.

Simultaneously the interpretation of Aurora’s in dreams signifies a positive outlook. A dream with an Aurora means important things will happen and ‘magnetic’ outcomes are about to appear on the horizon. While climate change appears to be a nightmare of the industrial past, this experience hopes to recalibrate our outlook. In Greek mythology Aurora refers to dawn, combing paste and present this VR memoryscape takes a position to make an argument about an innovative planet and that we must act in a holistic manner on the climate crises now.

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