Finalists 2022

FEATURE AWARDS SUPREME FEATURE AWARD Finalists: The Healing, Anchor Point, Conjola, Women of Steel

BEST INTERNATIONAL FEATURE AWARD Finalists: Castro’s Spies, Punks, Anchor Point, The Last Horns of Africa

BEST AUSTRALIAN FEATURE AWARD Finalists: Cry of the Forests, Rosemarys Way, Inferno Without Borders, Woman of Steel

BEST MUSIC DOCUMENTARY Finalists: The Rumba Kings, Meeting the Beatles in India, Bleeding Audio, Don’t Let the Devil Take Another Day

BEST STRANGER THAN FICTION / TRUE CRIME Finalists: Claydream, Enemies of the State, Deadman’ Switch, Holy Frit

BEST DIRECTOR – AUSTRALIA Nominee - Ash Brennan for We Are Conjola Nominee -  Women of Steel Nominee - The Healing - Nick Barkla Nominee -  Batoor - Ali Batoor

BEST DIRECTOR – INTERNATIONAL Nominee: Holly Tuckett - Anchor Point Nominee: Yael Bridge - The Big Scary S Word Nominee: Jim Bernfield - Me to Play Nominee: Ollie Aslin & Gary Lennon - Castro's Spies

BEST MELBOURNE DOCUMENTARY Finalists: The Healing, Finding Creativity, Wild Things, Mental as Anything,


SUPREME JURY PRIZE: Finalists: The Hunger Ward, The Beach, FBI's Secret War, An Improbable Collection

BEST INTERNATIONAL SHORT DOCO or WEBSERIES: Finalists Deepfake Therapy, Bundini, Hunger Ward, Memory Lanes

BEST AUSTRALIAN SHORT DOCO or WEBSERIES: Finalists Ngumpin Kartiya, Living on the Line, Beyond the Burning, The Beach

BEST INTERNATIONAL DIRECTOR: Finalists: Mesdames of Mayhem, FBI's Secret War From a Dark Place, 2020:A Covid Space Odyssey

The 2019 Melbourne Documentary Film Festival Leaderboard

Pool A

Supreme Short Documentary Winner: Happy Android Finalists: I Signed the Petition That Night After the Fire The Holiday Inn-Side I Want You to Know

Best International Short Documentary Winner: Uncaged a Stand In Story Finalists: Thursday Fields That Night I Signed the Petition After the Fire Tapume

Best Australian Short Documentary Winner: I Want You to Know Finalists: Voodoo Medics She Starts 2 The Beeman Stuart X Haunted Witness

Best Melbourne Documentary: Winner: Be You T Fool Finalists: Restoration Island The Holiday Inn-Side After the Tsunami We Are All in the Together Prom Night

Best Short Director Winner Jaina Kalifa for Happy Android Finalists: Haunted Witness The Holiday Inn-Side I Signed the Petition I Want You to Know

Doc Challenge Winner: The Hand Out Finalists: Rise Adoption Pending Pain is Mine

Pool B

Supreme Award Feature: Winner: 17 Blocks Finalists: Dark Money Art of Incarceration Pariah Dog New Homeland Skid Row Marathon

Best International Documentary Winner: JR Bob Dobbs Church of the Sub Genius Finalists: Dogs Best Friend American Mirror Unraveling Athena Dosed Ballad of a Righteous Merchant

Best Australian Documentary Winner: Art of Incarceration Finalists: Van Duren Tommy Emmauel Saving Waru Looby The Candidate

Best Director – International / Australian Winner: Davy Rothbart for 17 Blocks Finalists: Saving Warru New Homeland Skid Row Marathon Pariah Dog Art of Incarceration

Best Music Documentary Winner: Tommy Emmanuel: The Endless Road Finalists: Boom Godfather s of Hardcore Waiting: The Van Duren Story Kiss Vs MCZ

Best Melbourne Documentary Winner: Art of Incarceration Finalists: Forged From Fire Red Sunday Strange Tenants Kartika 9 Home Front

Audience Choice: Dosed

Pool C

Supreme Jury Prize Documentary Photograph Mike Wilkin – The Blacksmith’s Tree Best International Documentary Photograph Valentina Ippolito – Red Wind Best Australian Documentary Photograph Robin Yong – Secrets of the Flower and Willow World Best Documentary Photographer Travis Fox - Salt of the Earth

The 2018 Melbourne Documentary Film Festival Leaderboard

Pool A

Short Awards War Mothers – Матері Війні by Stefan Bugryn

Best International Short Documentary or Webseries – Ex Nihilo by Timo Wright

Best Australian Short Documentary or Webseries Wolfe – Short Documentary by Claire Randall

Best Short Director (International / Australia) – Stefan Bugryn for War Mothers

Pool B

Feature Awards

Supreme Jury Prize Feature Documentary – Kings of Baxter by Jack Yabsley

Best International Documentary – Out of My Head by Jacki Ochs and Susanna Styron

Best Australian Documentary – Kangaroo by Mick Mcintyre

Best Director (International / Australia) – Jack Yabsley

Best Melbourne Documentary – Fish Out Of Water by Israel Cannan

Pool C

Documentary Photography Awards

Supreme Jury Prize Documentary Photograph – Wimmera Art Silos

Best International Documentary Photograph – Teochew Opera - The Art of Lao Sai Tao Yuan by Robin Yong

Best Australian Documentary Photograph – Emma Hudson for Portraiture

Best Documentary Photographer – Mike Davis for Wimmera Art Silos

The 2017 Melbourne Documentary Film Festival Leaderboard

Supreme Jury Prize Winner – God Knows Where I Am

Hero of Cinema Award – Bob Hawk

Audience Choice Award – Jewel Catch One by CF Fitz

Best International Documentary – Tie - Placebo Alt Russia & Five Days on Lesvos

Best Australian Documentary – Meal Tickets

Best Melbourne Documentary (short and feature) – Tunnel Vision

Best Indigenous Documentary – One Heart One Spirit

Best Music / Art Documentary – Tie - Northern Disco Lights + Play Your Gender

Best Environmental Documentary – Tie - Complicit + The Gateway Bug

Best Emerging Director Feature Ivan Hexler – Tunnel Vision & Matt De Koning for Meal Tickets

Best Emerging Director Feature – JJ Garvine Tai Parquet Heather White

Best Editing – Act of Kindness

Wildcard / Avante Garde Award – Lunar Orbit

Best Expanded Interdisciplinary Project – The Road Movie

Best Short Documentary Australian – Breaking Ice James Nightingale

Best International Short Documentary – Road to Webequie and For Flint

Best International Emerging Short Documentary Emerging – Tie - Mariah Wilson – Eeya and Claudio Cruz – Edu and Cat Mills Fixed

Documentary Photography

Supreme Award – Portraits

Landscape – Teheran the Invisible City

Portraiture – Flowers of Ethiopia

Street Photography – Taking a Stand in Baton Rouge

The 2016 Melbourne Documentary Film Festival Leaderboard

Supreme Jury Award – A Billion Lives by Aaron Biebert

Best Director – Aaron Biebert

Best Indigenous Featue or Short – The Drovers Boy by Margaret McHugh

Best Music Documentary – Todd Who? by Gavin Bond

Best Australian Documentary – The Coffee Man Film by Jeff Hann

Best International Documentary – Goodnight Brooklyn - The Story of Death by Audio by Matt Conboy

Best Victorian Featue or Short – Inside Fighter byNick Barkla

Best International Short Documentary – Waterlilies by Tanya Doyle

Best Australian Short Documentary – You Better Take Cover by Harry Hayes

Best Editing – Beep: A History of Video Game Sound

Best Cinematography – Sustainable

Best Comedy / Mockumentary – VIVA LA VINCENTby Ashleigh Nicolau

Best Art Documentary – Andre Villers a Lifetime in Images by Marketa Tomanova

Best Avante Garde / Innovation Award – Bullied To Death un film di Giovanni Coda by Giovanni Coda - Jo -

Best Health and Enviornmental Documentary – Sustainable by Matt Wechler and Plastic in my water by Allard Faas

Audience Choice – Spoke by Em Baker

Wildcard Award – Coalville Gold by Ross Bolidai andWeg van de Kerk - Churchroad by Robin Vogel