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Voices of the River
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Voices of the River

Web Series

“The Fitzroy River is a living system. It has the right to life… It’s a part of me and I’m a part of it, so together we’re gonna protect each other.” – Anthony McLarty, Walmajarri Traditional Owner.

The National Heritage-Listed Martuwarra Fitzroy River stretches over 700km from the desert to the sea, and is a site of great cultural significance. However, the river’s cultural and ecological values are now under great threat from Murray-Darling style proposals to pump water from the river and establish an intensive irrigated agriculture industry. Documentary webseries Voices of the River goes out on Country with ten Traditional Owners to share stories of cultural connection and the fight to protect one of the last in-tact river systems in the world.

The Martuwarra Fitzroy River needs your help.

Under pressure from big business irrigators, the Western Australian Government recently released a water discussion paper, including proposals to allocate 408 gigalitres for Murray-Darling style intensive agriculture on the Fitzroy River. 408 GL is more than 80% of the water in Sydney Harbour!


  1. Make a submission to tell the government not to take water from the Fitzroy River. Public submissions to the discussion paper are open for a limited time – please make a submission to support Traditional Owners’ calls to protect the Martuwarra Fitzroy River.

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  3. Help us spread the word! Please share this email, our Facebook and Instagram posts to let others know how they can help protect the precious Martuwarra Fitzroy River @voicesofthefitzroyriver with hashtag #voicesoftheriver

Thank you for helping us share these important voices with your community. We hope it contributes to protecting the Martuwarra Fitzroy River.

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