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The Holiday Inn-Side

About the film

He’s been in and out of juvenile detention for 5 years, but what landed him there started the day he was born. A fully animated dream-like documentary... Sixteen-year-old ‘Anonymous’ has been in and out of juvenile detention for the last five years... and he finds himself 'locked-up' yet again. As he stumbles around the confines of the secure facility in this fully animated dream-like documentary, he tries to make a little sense of his traumatic past and the circumstances that have led him down this criminal path once more. Although he takes full responsibility for the crimes that he has committed, 'The Holiday Inn-Side' asks one key question of its audience through the hazy fog of this creatively warped visual nightmare... 'What would you do?'

Runtime 19 mins 58 seconds
Premiere Melbourne Premiere

Director(s) Charby Ibrahim

Venue Cinema Nova

Address 380 Lygon St, Carlton VIC 3053, Australia

Date July 21, 2019

Time 11:00 am

GenresAustralian, Shorts, Melbourne Stories

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