Documentary Month 1st - 31st July 2021

JoyCut | Robert Smith's Meltdown [One Step Closer To The Moon]
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JoyCut | Robert Smith's Meltdown [One Step Closer To The Moon]

Music + Film + Art + Literature

The film is a narrative account of the experience lived on June 15, 2018 in London.

At the Southbank Centre, in the prestigious Purcell Room, for the 25th anniversary of the Meltdown Festival. An event unique of its kind on a global scale. Characterized, from year to year, by the exclusive and direct artistic curation of contemporary music legends: David Bowie, Nick Cave, Massive Attack, Yoko Ono, Morrisey, John Peel, Elvis Costello, Patty Smith, Robert Wyatt, David Byrne.

JOYCUT, a totally independent Italian band, is invited by Robert Smith himself to take part in his Meltdown program. A festival that will bear his name, his signature. A program that will become memorable, breaking all records and competing for the Music Week Awards as the best festival existing in the world. A stellar line up in helping: a selection of artists dear to the curator, defined as able to make the history of an entire generation: Nine Inch Nails, The Psychedelic Furs, My Bloody Valentine, Manic Street Preachers, Mogwai, Deftones, Placebo, The Cure [Curætion25].

JOYCUT among these.

The attention is paid to some live moments of the band, with exclusive excerpts from the performance at the theatre, supported by visual art additions and monographic narrative interventions. In pulling the strings and inspiring, there is the voice of the insiders of the current international scene: among others, Scott Cohen, Bengi Unsal, Francois Missonnier. The film is a collage of anecdotes, stories and food for thought about discography and the state of

health of music nowadays. The camera records expressions, languages, emotions and places, revealing the realization of a dream in the JOYCUT parable. Disclosing the fulfillment of an

entire existence in a faded frame; that of a shy 13-year-old boy who, struck by Robert Smith and his The Cure, will embark on the path of music, receiving thirty years later an artistic investiture

that tastes of magic, a special "cosmic caress" just from that idol of all time. Model and training example able to "see, hear and discover" the compositional sensitivity of a band that has never

been afraid to follow unconventional paths. An intense and astral gradation of blue abyss reigns over everything, in continuous alternation with a gray filigree film, we are "Ad un passo dalla

Luna”: One step closer to the Moon.

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