Documentary Month 1st - 31st July 2021

Courtroom 3H
Online Screening

Courtroom 3H

True Crime

The film is a never-before-seen window inside the Tallahassee Unified Family Court (Florida), a Court specialized in cases involving children and their families and whose objective, according to the Law, is to reunite families as quickly and safely as possible. Parents must appear in Court after an alleged crime calling into question their suitability to be the legal guardian of their children due to abuse, child abandonment or negligence.

"Courtroom 3H" is a purely observational film whose power becomes clear through a collage of court cases from which the story emerges, unpacking the institution through its processes and its protagonists; the defendants and the legal system. Through a multitude of cases, some of the inherent contradictions and questions related to justice emerge.

By simply presenting reality as it happens, the audience becomes the eyewitness to the legal process and the people who are at its mercy so we start to reconsider our own prejudices.

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