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Big Men, Small Dogs

About the film

Meet five large men and the little dogs they love.Eric, Steve, Dax, Sean and Nate all attract attention when they walk their dogs. People stare, whisper, laugh, smile and even stop their cars to take photographs. Why?Because the men are over six feet tall and their dogs barely reach their ankles.Most people assume that the dogs must belong to a girlfriend or a wife — but these five guys are adamant that they chose (and love!) their dogs.Through their stories, we come to understand how much these little dogs mean to these men, and that size really doesn’t matter.

Runtime 8 mins 46 seconds
Premiere Australian Premiere

Director(s) Cat Mills

Venue Cinema Nova

Address 380 Lygon St, Carlton VIC 3053, Australia

Date July 23, 2019

Time 8:45 pm

GenresShorts, Animal, Women in Film

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