Documentary Month 1st - 31st July 2021

AWARE - Glimpses of Consciousness
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AWARE - Glimpses of Consciousness

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What is consciousness? Is it in all living beings? Why are we predisposed for mystical experience? And what happens when we die?

After centuries of virtual silence, there has been an explosion of research into consciousness. Scientists are confronting the “Big Questions”, cutting a window into a realm previously held by philosophy and religion.

AWARE follows six brilliant researchers, each approaching consciousness from a radically different perspective, from within and without: through high-tech brain research and Eastern Meditation, by scientifically exploring inner space through psychedelic substances and by investigating the consciousness of plants.

AWARE opens as a science film but emerges beyond the explicable: While the origins of consciousness may well be unfathomable, the question often obscures an equally mysterious question: Why, from the scientific evidence, do we seem to be hardwired for mystical experience? What possible evolutionary function could this serve?

AWARE ultimately leads one on a voyage onto the ocean of consciousness, a contemplative, sensual meditation: the networks of consciousness are reflected in 'grand' cinematographic imagery revealing the vast interconnectedness of Nature - from the smallest organisms, to the world of plants and animals and on to the cosmos. It invites one to experience the awe and mystery as the researchers do, to dive in with them, returning to see the world anew, to review long-held beliefs and assumptions and initiate one’s own oceanic journey. Ultimately, to be aware one is aware.

With Monica Gagliano, Roland Griffiths, Christof Koch, Richard Boothby, Josefa Kirvin Kulix, Matthieu Ricard and Mingyur Rinpoche. Music by Zoë Keating.

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